1st Workshop on Leveraging customer behavior using advanced data analytics and Machine learning techniques

9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal, 30-31 March to 1-2 April 2021.

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The technological paradigm has transformed into a new era in today’s scientific world. The digital, both publicly and proprietary, data generation has exponentially increased and is easily accessible to both practitioners and academics. Future technologies will provide growth opportunities based on innovative business interaction with customers, informed managerial decision making, and transformed customer behavior through customer knowledge. Competitive businesses should leverage customer knowledge through advanced technologies to articulate effective strategies for business improvement. For the purpose, the customer behavior analytics can play a vital role to make data-driven decisions based on the individual-level details of their customers. The business decisions based on the precise individual-level needs and requirements, for the present and future, will enable the business to make the right offers to the right customers at the right time. Therefore, business models specially services-oriented firms and organizations should highly be focusing on customer behavior analytics to gain a competitive advantage using automated processes of machine learning, business analytics, and artificial intelligence. This is a real-world paradigm shift involving new challenges for the researchers to solve novel research questions about customer-centricity and customer behavior. This research workshop (call for papers) aims to ask the relevant community about how to best make use of the new service analytics tools to analyze customer behavior and measure and enhance business value, the customer experience, and technology readiness. Therefore, this workshop calls for the latest unpublished and original research on future service technologies, automated processes of machine learning, customer behavior analytics, and business artificial intelligence, to fill gaps in current business knowledge and customer or service analytics. These aspects are explored from the perspective of the customers and informed managerial decision making. The research paper submission can be conceptual or empirical

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Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal, 30-31 March to 1-2 April 2021.

Important Dates

  • Submission: November 30, 2020
  • Notification: December 23, 2020
  • Final versions and conference registration: January 2, 2021